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Amsterdam- Venice of the North

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Amsterdam, known for its artistic history and canals is the capital and the most populous city of Netherlands. Often, its referred as “Venice of the North” because of its 165 canals which form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amsterdam’s name derives from “Amstelredamme”, indicative of the city’s origin around a dam in the river Amstel. Area 219.4 Km² (84.7 m²) Population 1,148,972 Population Density 4908 Ppl / Km² (12,710/ mi²)

Currency : Euro In 2012, Amsterdam was ranked the second best city to live in by the Economist Intelligence Unit and 12th globally on quality of living for environment and infrastructure by Mercer.

An evening sight of Dam Square

INTERESTING FACTS: 1) There are over 881,000 bikes in Amsterdam which is four times the number of cars 2) Amsterdam has more canals than Venice 3) 60% of Amsterdammers use their bike every day and often the primary mean of transport 4) There are over 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam 5) Queen and the King also ride a bike 6) People in Amsterdam don't like curtains

7) There are 200+ coffee shops in Amsterdam 8) Amsterdam lies below sea level


1. Rijksmuseum: The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam.

2. Van Gogh Museum:The Van Gogh Museum is a Dutch art museum dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries in Amsterdam

3. Anne Frank House:The Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank.

4. Heineken Experience: A must visit by Beer lovers, historic brewery and corporate visitor center for the internationally distributed Dutch pilsner, Heineken beer.

5.Dam Square:-Dam Square or Dam is a town square in Amsterdam, its notable buildings and frequent events make it one of the most well-known and important locations in the city and the country.

6. Leidseplein:The Leidseplein is a square in central Amsterdam, lying in the Weteringschans neighbourhood. The Leidseplein is one of the busiest centers for nightlife in the city.

7. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam– Just like any other Madame Tussauds, many wax figures of celebrities and famous individuals.

8. National Monument:The National Monument on Dam Square is a 1956 monument in Amsterdam. It is a national Remembrance of the Dead ceremony is held at the monument every year on 4 May to commemorate the casualties of World War II and other conflicts.

9. Red Light Secrets- Museums at Red Light District dedicated to sex work

10. Prinsengracht – Canal History of Amsterdam.

11. P.C. Hooftstraat – Shopping Street of Amsterdam

12. Waag- This is originally a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam, 15th-century building on Nieuwmarkt square.

13. Red Light District: Surrounded by the neon-lit, red-light district is popular for window prostitution but apart from that lot of bars and museums to explore.

14. Albert Cuyp Market – This is a street market in Amsterdam, ranging from foods, vegetables, clothing, jewelry and etc. There are many products sold that are of interest to Surinamese, Antillean, Turkish, and Moroccan origin, giving a strong multicultural vibe.

15. Bloemenmarkt- A very unique floating flower market. A main supplier of dried tulip bulbs to tourists visiting Amsterdam.

16. Jordaan – Hip eateries and shopping, originally, a working class neighborhood but became one of the most  expensive locations in the Netherlands.


The coffeeshops in Amsterdam are tourist attractions of their own and don't get confused with the regular Cafe that serves latte and bakery. Coffeeshops are legal dispensaries for marijuana in Amsterdam. There are more 200+ around the city, mostly in Red Light District.

DON'T Confuse COFFEESHOPS with Cafe or Koffiehuis. For your morning caffeine and danish it is "Koffiehuis or coffeehouse you are looking for. Whereas, COFFEESHOPS are for smoking cannabis, its a little confusing for first time traveler and I am not ashamed of doing the same mistake.

Many regular groceries also sell Cannabis based candies and lollipops.


Amsterdam is very pedestrian friendly, apart from bikes; trams and trains (Subway) are very reliable.


Traveling from Airport to Amsterdam Centraal takes 20 minutes by metro and costs  €5.50 including €1 surcharge.

1) TRAIN: NS (Dutch Railways) train

Arrivals Gate to the Station Platform
Schipol Amsterdam

TRAIN+METRO: NS train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Zuid (single €4.00 including €1 surcharge, 7 mins) where you can connect onto the metro (single from €3.20).

Amsterdam Central Station

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